I should

I should I do not understand, why all reproach me that mine the benok lives according to helps.

Let according to helps, but mine.

I should bring up the child generally on those .

I am not going to pay attention to the child.

Nobody gave it to me.

I oppose the child to other children for his benefit.

The best way of education a belt.

Our child knows that it should justify ours on .

I always follow the tastes of the child, remembering about its bad health.

My child does not need anything.

It has even egg in your beer.

At us with the husband wife of a difference of opinion on in education of children.

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And if , as in the real

And if , as in the real Yes, yes, not only it is close, but also it is dark.

In years all tiny, small and did not conduct a cue fears suddenly eclipse almost global fear of darkness.

And, than also the fan the kid more creatively imagines in the afternoon, the learns the zhayushchy world during game more figuratively, the more terribly to it to one to remain night in an empty and deserted room, came nenny various subjects and things.

After all fiction for the child does not contradict reality.

And if , as in the real world subjects, things.

and even people are allocated with a charodeystvo and magic so then occurs to them at night, in mysterious and ache to darkness, with all its rustles and sounds.

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Once early

Once early In this case the more the child worries, the more difficult to it to breathe.

When the child calms down, his breath improves.

In communication in these I remember oneyearold Tony's history and his feeding mother Cindi.

Once early in the morning Tony woke up from barking cough.

I hospitalized it with the diagnosis of grain, but, despite treatment, its condition worsened.

Tony got to a vicious circle the more difficultly to it was breathed, the more uneasily it became, and it complicated breath even more.

I told Cindi that while Tony will not relax, his condition will be aggravated, and we should do a trakheostomiya to open a trachea below the inflamed vocal chords that the child could receive more air.

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They are similar

They are similar After all when the child learns to go and falls, all of us equally induce it to walkin to rise and again to go.

And in any other situation.

The child should forget about fear of a failure and try to correct a mistake.

It is impossible categorically to order to repeat now attempt, to threaten.

If the child is not ready to new attempt, it is better not to press on it, and to encourage, having told When will be ready, you can surely repeat.

At you everything will turn out.

Compound leaderships independence, selfesteem and belief in own forces.

They are similar to an inflatable ball.

Pumped over air it will burst.

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He tries

He tries You remembered it.

It to you is not indifferent time you noticed that he lay.

The child involves you in itself with lies that though somehow to be allocated among the others and, until then while you did not open lie, better to seem, than it is actually.

He tries to lift this way the is underestimated ny by it selfimage.

And if you at all praise it, exults.

Having lain, he created to itselfhimself a high rating.

When your child has a high selfimage and it to raise level even above by lies, it only for this purpose once again a little to take pleasure in the superiority over others, especially then, yes his brothers or sisters mean.

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